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Kris Miller's Ready for Pretirement Video

Do you know the secret to financial security?

Whether you’re a newlywed, GenXer, Baby Boomer, or retiree – or stuck in the middle as a Sandwich Generation person – there’s a good chance financial worries keep you awake at night: Do any of the these statements sound familiar?

  • “We avoid retirement planning, because it seems so far away.
  • “How do I find an honest, experienced, compassionate advisor? Someone won’t charge us an arm and a leg?”
  • “What if a loved one gets hurt? What if I get hurt? How will we pay the medical bills?”

Kris Miller encourages people of all ages to plan for retirement

Backed by a respected 20-year track record to her practice, Kris Miller encourages people to do what she calls PREtirement planning. Kris enjoys sharing the “secrets” that lawyers and traditional financial advisors will not tell you.

For example, did you know your financial legacy could end up in probate, and your estate’s assets would go toward paying expensive court fees?! The good new is Kris can help you create a living trust that would ensure your estate’s assets pass directly to your heirs, without the delay and prohibitive expense of probate.

Kris Miller provides affordable, expert guidance to ensure your money is there when you need it.

To have a peace of mind you must put your financial house in order right now. As a licensed expert, Kris Miller helps people develop complete estate packages. For 20 years, she has counseled 5,000 families on their PREtirement opportunities, helping them set up annuities, trusts, living wills, long-term care insurance, and power-of-attorney documents.Kris Miller Saves You Money

  • You will protect your family in case of catastrophe.
  • You will protect your Golden Years.
  • You can preserve your savings, minimize your taxes, provide for and protect your financial legacy, so your hard-earned money goes to the people and causes you choose.

Kris Miller can help you:

  • Stop procrastinating and start planning for your financial future.
  • Learn the rules and laws that will impact you for better or for worse.
  • Select the right tools to create your smartest financial security.

Get expert advice for your retirement plan – with a process that’s fast and affordably priced.

Kris has become known as The Money Maestro, because she helps harmonize clients’ finances. As a professional speaker and author of “Ready For PREtirement,” thousands of people have placed their trust in her caring, compassionate advice and professional expertise.

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